American Pie Nostalgia – American Pie 2 Official Trailer

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Published on September 22, 2011 with 3 Comments

So everyone’s getting excited for the up and coming Pie Flick, and we here at PIEHQ are no exception to the rule.. so while you’re waiting American Reunion (Only 196 days to go) we recommend feasting on the second slice of American Pie. Truly a classic slice. (Ok sorry about all the pie innuendos, it’s just too easy!)

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  1. Come on guys of my generation or near age of 29, show some enthusiasm, this movies represent us and our generation, i thank these awesome people for keeping it alive for so long and it will still be a hit for long after we are grey and old. Share the fun and be good

  2. You are so gay!

  3. Sounds like rukidding is mad.

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